Véronique Robigou

Véronique is a visual artist, scientific illustrator, geologist, and educator. Her artwork is inspired by her exploration of the processes that shape the natural world and the life it sustains. Her personal and professional paths always integrate art and sciences.  First while studying geology in her native France, and later during a research career in marine geology at the
University of Washington. She had the privilege to explore and map underwater volcanoes and hydrothermal vent fields in the Pacific Ocean.

Véronique now weaves aesthetics and scientific rigor into visual stories at Ocean et Terra Studio. In addition to authorship and illustration of publications in scientific and educational journals, textbooks, and trade books, she has exhibited in the U.S., France, and the UK. Her artwork can be found in private collections and museums such as her scientific rendering of a large hydrothermal vent in the Hall of the Earth at the American Museum of Natural History in New York. 

She also designs immersive, collaborative projects, and field experiences for students from K to retirement. She has taught classes and workshops at IslandWood, Ocean Research College Academy, Bastyr University, and Canyoneers Inc. in the Grand Canyon.