Beverly Choltco-Devlin

Beverly’s love for the natural world and art has been an integral part of her entire life. The nexus between each has fascinated her since high school where she split her activities between the art room and an environmental water quality project as a member of the Science Research Club. Her first introduction to the North Cascades Institute came in 2011 when her sons gifted her with a watercolor class with Molly Hashimoto. Falling in love with the region, she and her husband decided this was where they wanted to live and moved to the Puget Sound area ten years from upstate New York. Her interest in birds, native plants and trees and other flora, and fossils, mountains, and geology influence her art practice which includes drawing, sketching and watercolor painting. She has kept illustrated journals and sketchbooks her entire life. Studying art and biology, both in formal settings, as well as independently with many watercolor and drawing masters, she loves exploring both formal scientific documentation and observation through drawing and painting, as well as more expressive approaches. She has taught nature sketching and journaling for many years, including here at the North Cascades Institute, and has exhibited her work in several shows both in Washington and New York State. She is also an avid urban sketcher and a gentle hiker. Introducing people to the integration of nature and art and environmental awareness through a sketchbook practice is one of her special passions.