Amanda Colbert

Amanda works as an educator and naturalist for The Salish Sea School, which provides place-based, experiential learning opportunities to students of all ages. Onshore and boat-based programs give students the ability to experience the ecosystem and view the wildlife they're learning about, creating a lasting impression and strong connections to these subjects. The Salish Sea School's goal is to create student leaders in marine conservation and Amanda brings her passion for Southern Resident and Bigg's orcas, Washington State's endangered Tufted Puffins, and other Salish Sea marine bird species into these tailored programs. Amanda is also assisting The Salish Sea School in gathering survey and behavioral data on the Tufted Puffins that breed at Smith Island in Island County.

Over the last five years Amanda has become an avid birder, eBird user, and is learning to identify birds not just by sight but by sound, as well. Amanda has led pelagic bird boat tours for school groups in Puget Sound as well as aboard Snow Goose for North Cascade Institutes’ Pelagic trip that generally takes place in the fall.
Amanda lives with her husband in Skagit county and is a kayak enthusiast, hiker, lover of the outdoors, and hobbyist nature photographer.