Media Coverage

"Why North Cascades is WA’s wildest national park," The Seattle Times, May 2024

"Eight North Cascades National Park adventures for this summer," The Seattle Times, May 2024

"Unfortunate irony: Climate change disrupts environmental education," Western Front, December 2023

"Late North Cascades chef led passionate, adventurous life," Cascadia Daily News, August 2023

2023 Sourdough Fire Media Coverage

"The Sourdough Mountain Fire," Mt. Baker Experience 8/31/23

"North Cascades Institute cancels 2023 Learning Center programs due to Sourdough Fire," Skagit Valley Herald 8/29/23

"How wildfires are impacting outdoor recreation in Washington," Crosscut 8/24/23

"North Cascades Highway reopens, Sourdough fire to burn many more weeks," MyNorthwest 8/22/23 

"Environmental Learning Center cancels programs for the rest of the year," Cascadia Daily News 8/11/22

"Sourdough fire pauses Environmental Learning Center operations," Cascadia Daily News 8/11/22

"Sourdough Fire takes bite out of Seattle’s electricity supplies,KUOW 8/8/23

"Composting as a climate solution," Salish Current, December 2022

"Valley kids learn about natural connections at Mountain School," Methow Valley News, October 2022

"Expert Tips for Getting Outside with Kids," Washington Trails Association, October 2021

"Program connects students to local climate action projects," Skagit Valley Herald, October 2021

"North Cascades Institute, North Cascades National Park get new leadership," Skagit Valley Herald, October 2021

"Explore North Cascades Institute and meet new Executive Director Bec Detrich, who recently replaced Co-Founder Saul Weisberg," Whatcom Talk, July 2021

"Local nonprofits partner to preserve small piece of Skagit watershed," Skagit Valley Herald, March 2021

"Some kids have been learning outdoors for months in Whatcom County," Ashley Gross for KNKX / NPR, December 2020

"Tomorrow's Leaders Concerned About Climate Change At North Cascades" National Parks Traveler, October 2020

"North Cascades Institute Reopens with In-person and Online programs" Whatcom County Visitors Center, September 2020

"Walk with Wonder: Mountain School at Home" Cascadia Weekly, May 2020

"COVID-19 disrupts 30th year of Mountain School" Skagit Valley Herald, May 2020

"Concrete students get immersed in mountain science at Snow School" Skagit Valley Herald, February 2020

"Snow School: Making Climate Science Personal," Cascadia Weekly, November 2019

"From Harvest to Table: North Cascades Institute event highlights Latino farmers," Skagit Valley Herald, October 2019

"Area high schoolers immersed in North Cascades (Youth Leadership Adventures)," Skagit Valley Herald, August 2019

"Exploring The Parks: A North Cascades “Base Camp” Stay," National Parks Traveler, August 2019

"Area Environmental Education Programs Grow (Mountain School)," Skagit Valley Herald, June 2019

"Exploring North Cascades National Park: An interview with Saul Weisberg," Living on Earth, May 10, 2019

"Parks as Classrooms: An interview with Saul Weisberg," National Parks Traveler, June 23, 2019

"Forest School: An Environmental Education," Cascadia Weekly, March 2019

"17 Kid-Friendly Lodges for Fantastic Family Getaways," ParentMap, February 2019.

"Youth ambassadors work to return Fidalgo Bay property to its natural state," Skagit Valley Herald, January 2019

"Snow School: Where Science Meets Winter," Cascadia Weekly, January 2019 

"Follow The River: Saul Weisberg’s Lifelong Journey Down the Skagit," Skagit Watershed Council, October 2018 

"50-Year-Old Lessons From North Cascades National Park Still Relevant, Timely" National Parks Traveler, September 2018

"Creating a National Park" Cascadia Magazine, October 2018

"Wild, mysterious North Cascades National Park Service Complex turns 50" Skagit Valley Herald, October 2018

"North Cascades Institute Leadership Adventures: Changing Lives through Growth" Whatcom Talk, August 2018

"Vestido de Turquesa, Diablo Lake recibe a sus visitantes en las North CascadesLa Raza del Noroeste, July 2018

"Three dams, two lakes and mountains all aroundThe Everett Herald, July 2018

"Mountain School Fosters Environmental Connection” Whatcom Talk, January 2018

"Learning the Science of Snow” Bellingham Promise, March 2018

"Snow School: Bringing students into the mountains” Cascadia Weekly, February 2017

"Call of the Wild: Can America’s National Parks Survive?" The Guardian, January 2017 
featuring an interview with Institute founder and Executive Director Saul Weisberg and North Cascades National Park rangers and a visit to Mountain School at the Environmental Learning Center

"Back to Nature: The Selfie Generation Gets Outside," National Geographic, October 2016 
featuring Timothy Egan's visit to Mountain School at the Environmental Learning Center and an interview with Institute founder and Executive Director Saul Weisberg

"Environmental Engagement: North Cascades Institute’s Mountain Sanctuary” Cascadia Weekly, July 2016

"North Cascades Institute turns 30" Outdoors NW, Summer 2016

"North Cascades Institute celebrates 30 years," Mount Baker Experience, Summer 2016

"North Cascades Institute youth program gets state funding boost," Skagit Valley Herald, April 2016

"North Cascades Institute: 30 years of teaching about the wild," The Everett Herald, March 2016

"North Cascades National Park Hiking Guide with North Cascades Institute’s Katie Roloson," Backpacker Magazine, 2016

"Mountain School fifth-graders help restore Bowman Bay," The Skagit Valley Herald, August 2015
"Mountain School makes the magic of the wilderness real for kids," The Seattle Times, August 2015 

"Mountain School: Local students learn in the North Cascades," Southside Living, July 2015

"Student learn leadership, love of nature on trips in North Cascades," Everett Herald, July 2015

"North Cascades Institute Celebrates 25 Years of Mountain School," Whatcom Talk, April 2015

"Working Toward ‘Wild’," National Geographic, February 2015

"The North Cascades: A Hidden Gem," Skagit Valley Herald, November 2014

"'The Wild Nearby' of the North Cascades," KSVR's Skagit Talks, November 2014

"Explore the wilderness nearby in North Cascades book," Everett Herald, November 2014

"Mountain School: a 7-million-acre campus for kids," Skagit Valley Herald, October 2014

"Art class offers chance to see North Cascades in new way," Everett Herald, October 2014

"Off the Grid with Family Getaways" Part 1, 2 & 3, Scenic Washington's Family Traveler Insider blog, September 2014

"3 top spots in North Cascades," The Seattle Times, August 2014

“'Roughing It' at North Cascades Environmental Learning Center,", August 2014

"A Rush of Wonder: Youth Leadership Adventures program encourages confidence, teaches new skills," Concrete Herald, May 2014

"The Natural Connection: Food/people/ecosystem in North Cascades Institute’s Foodshed Initiative," Mount Baker Experience, May 2014

"A Visit to North Cascades Institute" The Crossing Guide, May 2014

"Teach Your Children Well, National Parks As Learning Centers" National Parks Traveler, April 2014

"The Center: Five weeks in the North Cascades with a sketchbook, a camera and a journal" National Parks, Winter 2014

"Culinary experience and expertise: For North Cascades Environmental Learning Center chef Shelby Slater, quality is the key," Skagit Valley Herald, October 2013

"Federal shutdown cuts access to North Cascades, threatens Mountain School plans," Bellingham Herald, October 2013. Also noted in The Seattle P-I and Everett Herald.

"North Cascades Institute director ‘fell in love with the place’: North Cascades Institute Executive Director Saul Weisberg thrives on providing educational tools," Skagit Valley Herald, September 2013

"Adventure is easy at North Cascades Environmental Learning Center," Everett Herald, August 2013

"Youths gather for campsite cleanup," Skagit Valley Herald, July 2013

"Power from the Mountains: A Tour of the Skagit River Hydroelectric Project," The Northern Light, July 2013

"Connecting Food to Place in North Cascades National Park," GreenVoice, Fall 2012

"Fueling the Fire: North Cascades Institute's Path for Youth," Clearing Magazine, 2012

"North Cascades Institute: BEST Base Camp,” The Snow Troopers, August 2012

"North Cascades Institute a Great Resource for Nature Lovers," Everett Herald, August 2012

"North Cascades program coordinator honored," Skagit Valley Herald, July 2012

"North Cascades Institute’s BASE CAMP," Northwest Tripfinder, 2011

"See the Wild Side with New North Cascades Tours," The Seattle Times, August 2011

"Mountains inspire in North Cascades art courses," USA Today, August 2010

"Students hike in Washington, learn about Climate Change," Associated Press, July 2010

"Seattle's Great Escapes: Inspiration Vacation with North Cascades Institute," Seattle Magazine, June 2010

"An Interview with Saul Weisberg, executive director of North Cascades Institute," Clearing Magazine, April 2010

"Kulshan Creek children get regular doses of the great outdoors," Skagit Valley Herald, March 2010

"Explore and Escape," Everett Herald, March 2010

"Nature Camp for Grown-Ups at North Cascades Environmental Learning Center," Seattle Times, October 2009

"Naturally Appealing: A Scenic Gateway in Washington's North Cascades," Horizon Air Magazine, November 2008

"Teens go wild for nature: North Cascades Institute program puts urban youth in close touch with nature," Skagit Valley Herald, August 2007

"Where Learning Comes Naturally: North Cascades Institute has been building naturalists for two decades," Skagit Valley Herald, August 2006

North Cascades Environmental Learning Center "provides the perfect blueprint for Seattle," Seattle P-I, May 2006



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