North Cascades Carnivores

North Cascades Carnivores

North Cascades Carnivores

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Sep 14, 2024 from 09:00 AM to 05:00 PM
North Cascades National Park
Bill Gaines
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The North Cascades Ecosystem comprises one of the most intact wildlands in the contiguous United States. The wolverine, gray wolf, grizzly bear, and Canada lynx are symbols of wildness and rely on remote and mountainous areas. They are apex predators that have cascading influences on the health and shape of ecosystems. 


Courtesy of NPS / Nathan Kostegian

Historically, these carnivores were hunted, trapped and persecuted until they were nearly extirpated from the North Cascades. However, the restoration and conservation of these species has been ongoing for decades with some inspiring successes and tremendous challenges. Gray wolves and wolverines are making a dramatic comeback while the Canada lynx and grizzly bear barely hang on. 

Wildlife biologist, Bill Gaines, has been involved in research and conservation of carnivores in the North Cascades for decades. He will lead us on a daylong field trip to explore the lives and habitats of these magnificent animals.


Courtesy of NPS / Kent Miller

Our day will start at the North Cascades Environmental Learning Center, then venture out along the North Cascades highway, making stops to talk about the biology, ecology, and conservation of each species.

Along the way we will meet other wildlife biologists who have dedicated their careers to the study of carnivores of the North Cascades!

Top photo courtesy of Roy Andersen / Norsk institutt for naturforskning