Wilderness Medicine Courses

Medical skills for individuals working or playing in wilderness settings

Every year, the North Cascades Environmental Learning Center hosts a variety of wilderness first aid courses. While the pandemic caused us to curtail and change most of our programming, we worked hard to adapt operations and are now able to host several wilderness medicine courses in Winter 2022. With record numbers of people visiting public lands, being able to run these essential programs is more important than ever.

From 5-day recertification classes to a 26-day Remote Emergency Medical Technician (REMT) course, students receive comprehensive scenario-based training and hands-on experience in an ideal remote setting, while enjoying private lodging, organic meals, and access to nearby winter recreation. 

North Cascades Institute is committed to the safety of our staff, guests and community. Please review our Coronavirus Safety Precautions for the latest information.

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    Hybrid Wilderness First Responder (H-WFR) 

    Intensive course providing anyone working or playing in wilderness settings with the skills and confidence needed to administer emergency first aid care  when evacuation is hours or days away. This course combines 20-30 hours of online coursework with 5 days of on-site training. Instruction provided by Remote Medical Training.

    Online: Jan 24, 2022
    On-site: Feb 21-25, 2022
    Check-in: Feb 20, 2022


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    Remote Emergency Medical Technician (REMT)

    Comprehensive 26-day in-person course for professionals seeking EMT certification enhanced with training in a wide range of higher-level skills critical for backcountry wilderness settings: Advanced wound closure (suturing and stapling), foley catheterization, antibiotic therapy, IV administration, sick call and primary care, pediatrics, geriatrics, and childbirth. Students receive the EMT certification through the National Registry of EMTs, and the U.S. Coast Guard’s Medical Care Person in Charge (MCPIC) Certification. Instruction provided by Remote Medical Training.

    On-site: Jan 17-Feb 11, 2022
    Check-in: Jan 16, 2022


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    Hybrid Remote Medicine Upgrade and Recertification (H-RMUR)

    This course fulfills all of the educational requirements to recertify an Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) and upgrade to Remote Emergency Medical Technician (REMT). Includes 22 hours online instruction, 5 days on-site training, lodging, and meals. Instruction provided by Remote Medical Training.

    Online: Jan 17, 2022
    On-site: Feb 14-18, 2022
    Check-in: Feb 13, 2022


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    Remote Medicine for Advanced Providers (RMAP)

    Online and in-person course for Advanced Life Support (ALS) providers such as nurses, paramedics, physicians, and physician assistants building skills in life-saving techniques developed for challenging and remote settings. Includes 20 hours online and 5 days on-site instruction, lodging and meals.

    No dates currently scheduled.