Tuition and Scholarships

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North Cascades Institute is committed to making our programs accessible to students from all backgrounds by offering tuition on a sliding scale and scholarship to those in need.

Tuition 100% 75% 50% 25% 0%
9-day trip $1570 $1100 $785 $329 $25 application fee

Multiple options are available to meet your needs. More information is available in our online application process.

To determine where you fall on our sliding scale, consider the following questions: 

  • Does your family own your home or property? 
  • Did/do most of your family attend private education institutions or have advanced degrees?
  • Does your family NOT have difficulty accessing or affording healthcare?
  • Does your family have zero debt and / or disposable income?
  • Does your family have U.S Citizenship?
  • Does your family's income support only immediate family, not other loved ones?
  • Have you or does your family expect to inherit property or money?
  • NOT qualify for free and reduced lunch? 

If you answered...

All YES: Pay 100%

Mostly YES: Pay 75%

Half YES and half NO: Pay 50%

Mostly NO: Pay 25%

All NO: Pay 0%

These questions are intended to help you figure out where you fall on the tuition scale, but do not determine the actual amount you'll pay. In your online application, you'll choose a tuition level that is authentic — but not a hardship for your family.  If you are a Champions of Diversity Award Recipient, you automatically qualify for a full scholarship, please mark the “Champions of Diversity” box on your application.

Questions? Please see our FAQ page or contact North Cascades Institute at (360) 854-2579 or .