Tuition and Scholarships

North Cascades Institute is committed to making our programs accessible to students from all backgrounds by offering tuition on a sliding scale and scholarship to those in need.

Course 100% 75%* 50%* Less than 50%*
8-day $1395 $1046 $698 See scholarship application (included in online application)
12-day $2195 $1646 $1098 See scholarship application (included in online application)

*Scholarships are available if your family cannot afford to pay 100%.

If you need financial assistance, please have your parent/guardian fill out and send in the Scholarship Application (included in the application). Scholarships are awarded based on financial need and application merit. Up to 85% of participants will receive a full or partial scholarship. Participants from outside of Washington are welcome to apply, but scholarship funds are prioritized for applicants in Washington in our local communities. 

Scholarship applications are due along with all other application materials. Scholarship recipients and parents/guardians will be notified via email by the end of April 2021. All scholarship recipients must submit a $25 fee as part of their tuition (unless waived). Please see our Payment and Cancellation policies.

 Questions? Please see our FAQ page or contact North Cascades Institute at (360) 854-2579 or .