Student Voices

On Youth Leadership Adventures backcountry trips, high school students practice leadership strengths, build inclusive communities with their peers, and identify pathways to a hopeful and sustainable vision of the future. Listen to 2023 YLA participants on the final evening of their trip as they reflect on climate change, connections with nature, and access to the outdoors. We recommend turning on closed captions by clicking on the CC button.

1. Memorable Moments

YLA students converse about memories made on their 2023 YLA trip. As was the norm on this bilingual trip, the conversation is fully translated between Spanish and English.

2. Impacts from YLA

YLA students introduce themselves and share impactful personal statements from their 9 days of canoeing, camping, and climate change conversations.

3. Messages to Adults: Environmental Stewardship

YLA students speak directly to adults about climate change, connecting with nature, and access to the outdoors.

4. Inspiring Climate Leadership

YLA students reflect on climate activism and how they are now inspired to be leaders in their communities.

5. Cultural Misunderstandings

Reflecting on an “Intergalactic Conference” activity from their YLA trip, students discuss misunderstandings, language, and building connections between cultures.

6. YLA Art Projects

Relax, take a deep breath, and listen to students share some artistic talents that arose on their YLA trips.

2020 Climate Change Podcast 

Since Youth Leadership Adventures stayed in local communities in 2020, we had the opportunity to do something a little bit different- we made a podcast about climate change! This podcast gave our 2020 YLA participants an opportunity to reflect on their feelings surrounding climate change, a challenge that in many ways defines this generation of youth.