Creative Residents

Patty DiRienzo, photographer

After more than a decade of capturing award winning images for newspapers and magazines including the New York Times and USA Today, Patty DiRienzo established a photography business specializing in hand-colored lifestyle portraits, editorial assignments and image transfer art. A sense of time and place is central to her work and is showcased in her vintage style photography. Patty was named Artist-in-Residence at Grand Canyon National Park, followed by a residency at Petrified Forest National Park. Both experiences offered Patty the ability to work on independent projects in places of stunning beauty while sharing her images with travelers from around the globe.

Lauren Danner, historian and writer

The North Cascades have been the focus of Lauren Danner’s research and writing for more than 15 years. While she knows the park intimately on paper and through the memories of those involved in its creation, the Environmental Learning Center creative residency allowed her an opportunity for in-depth exploration of the American Alps, creating a greater physical and emotional connection with the mountains that will resonate authentically in her forthcoming book, Crown Jewel Wilderness: Creating North Cascades National Park. A former college instructor, museum director and field coordinator of the Lewis & Clark Bicentennial in Washington, she now writes about national parks and wilderness at

Faren Worthington Faren grew up in the forests of rural western Massachusetts. Her love of food and being outdoors helped guide her to study forest ecology and practice sustainable agriculture in northern Vermont. Ecological design and planning satisfy her curiosity and compulsion to help people live in better balance with the land.

Oliver Osnoss Originally from the island of Martha’s Vineyard off the coast of Massachusetts, Oliver is motivated to create beautiful and durable things inspired by his travels and experience of lasting buildings and artwork. In his own work, Oliver applies ecological design principles learned from his experience working on affordable housing and renewable energy projects which require pragmatic and efficient solutions.

Tele Aadsen, fisherwoman and author of the memoir Hooked: A Season of Love, Sex and Salmon.

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Sharon Birzer, artist and natural science illustrator

Read a Creative Residency journal and view Sharon's art on our blog Chattermarks.

Manasseh Franklin, writer, mountain guide, educator and adventurer

"I came to the North Cascades Institute to write about ice. Fittingly, this region is home to the largest concentration of glaciers remaining in the lower 48. What I didn’t realize prior to arrival, however, is just how much that ice is integral to the livelihoods of people in this region." Read more of Franklin's exploration of ice on our Chattermarks blog.

Scott Kirkwood, former Editor-in-Chief of National Parks magazine

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Kristin Musgnug, landscape painter

"I am a landscape painter whose goal is to make paintings of the kind of places that don’t usually show up in landscape paintings – places that are not conventionally beautiful. My project while at the North Cascades Institute involved close-up painting of the forest floor, particularly in the lush undergrowth of old, wild forests." 

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IIlona Popper, poet, naturalist, teacher and the author of the poetry book <Break.

"I’m a naturalist and I live in a rich and beautiful place, the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem. Part of the value in being at North Cascades Institute was to see how the Northern Cascades ecosystem is so different from and yet linked with the wild lands in which I reside." Read a post about her residency on our blog Chattermarks.

 Véronique Robigou, Artist and Natural Sciences Illustrator

My “Ecoregions Mapping” project aims at visually 'telling the story' of the diversity of ecosystems of the Pacific Northwest. Spending time at the Environmental Learning Center and its mountainous landscape allowed me to explore the mountains to make field observations and prepare sketches that will lay the foundation for the North Cascades part of my project."

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 Ethan Welty, outdoor photographer

Paul Willis, poet

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