Wildlife Wise

The North Cascades Environmental Learning Center is Wildlife Wise!

The wildlife living on and around the Sourdough Fan area near campus have limited easy access to their main water source, Diablo Lake. Wildlife will use the well established trails and roads on campus to reach the lake. Bears can be on or near campus at any time from March through November, and other species such as cougars, pine martens, deer, and ravens are present year-round. By taking a few precautionary steps we can safely coexist with wildlife. We hope encountering wildlife here will enhance your experience.

Please help us be Wildlife Wise by doing your part:

  • Remember to lock your car doors and close your windows and sun roof
  • Store your food in a locked vehicle or trunk
  • Never leave it out in the truck bed or canopy
  • Keep your luggage and day packs inside when not on your person
  • If your window is open, don’t keep food in your room as animals can come through the screen
  • Clean up all food scraps you may have left behind when eating outside.

We're excited to be sharing this special place with wildlife and appreciate your cooperation in being Wildlife Wise!