Mountain School on KCTS

"KCTS 9 is proud to present 'North Cascades: People, Places and Stories', a special showcasing the breathtaking park through the words and actions of Washingtonians of all ages. This segment is a look at the North Cascade Institute's nationally-recognized education program, Mountain School, where hands-on activities introduce hundreds of students each year to diverse ecosystems. Says Professor John Miles of Western Washington University, "There's a concern that kids are getting disconnected from nature, and if they get too disconnected then they will not be the stewards of the North Cascades of the future.

Written and produced by Emmy Award-winner Doug Tolmie and hosted by KCTS 9's Enrique Cerna, 'North Cascades: People, Places and Stories' provides an in-depth look at the region and its relationship to the community. The program highlights both critical environmental issues and the stories of passionate citizens who have worked to create, maintain and preserve this stunning part of our state for the future good of all.

The full-length program is available online at KCTS in English and Spanish."