Ensure that your gift lives in perpetuity and makes a long-lasting impact. An endowment fund creates a legacy that speaks to an individual’s life, values, and commitments while making a difference in your community. A minimum gift of $25,000 (which may be pledged over 2-3 years) will establish an endowment. 
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An endowed fund can be created through a bequest, charitable remainder trust, existing life insurance policy, or by endowing a fund today. We will work closely with you to formalize an endowment agreement that reflects your giving intentions, and honors your intent in perpetuity. When an endowed fund is created, guidelines are drafted to determine how the income may be used.
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Guidelines may be for specific youth programs with funds being distributed as annual scholarships or they can be kept more general. Each year, funds will be distributed from the earnings on this fund based on board-approved spending policies. Typically, a distribution of 4% of the trailing 3-year average balance is calculated.

Contact us to learn more about starting an endowment by calling (360) 854-2596 or emailing give@ncascades.org