Thank You, Donors!

Thank you to the 725 individuals, families, corporations and foundations who gave in 2016!   



5b's Bakery
Joel Brady-Power and Tele Aadsen
Chris Ackerman
Adobe Systems Incorporated
Adventures NW
Rachel Ahlstrom
Alcoa Foundation
Kathryn Alexandra
Rick Allen
Alliance 2020
Jeff Altman
AmazonSmile Foundation
Amgen Foundation
Lyle and Eileen Anderson
Tanya Anderson
Terry Anderson
Matthew Tebbs and Dana Armstrong
Alicia Arnold
George Sanders and Karen Aronoff
Aslan Brewing Company
Wynne Auld
Brian and Ann Ayers


Sharon Babcock
Christina Koons and Carson Baker
Baker Law Firm
Paul Balle
Alexis Baranda
Diane and Mike Bates
Eric Bauer
Peter Bayard
Beardsley Family Foundation
James and Nell Beaulaurier
Trip and Carol Beaver
Richard and Elizabeth Bedient
William Behn
Bellingham Hiker Chicks
Tanya and Craig Benner
David and Victoria Benoliel
Diane and Paul Berg
Paula and Devin Berg
Elizabeth Berggren
Nan McKay and Howard Berglund
Steve Berlin
Malcolm and Lynn Best
Lisa Bickell
Tyler Biggs
Buff and Terah Black
Ralph and Bonnie Blackman
Will Blades
Marv and Judy Blount
Blue Heron Farm
Blue Star Coffee Roasters
Leo and Teresa Bodensteiner
Boeing Gift Matching Program
Kellie Bond
Bill and Trice Booth
Pamela Borso
Julie Bourm
Connie McLaughlin Bowser and Bill Bowser
Kate Bradley
Kevin Brailey
Jane Brandt
Curtis Allred and Barbara Braun
Betsy Smith and Cindy Braunheim
Jeffrey and Debbie Brennan
Maryann Breskin
Heather Grube and Corey Breuer
Bright Now! Dental
Mary and Geary Britton-Simmons
Jeanne Muir and Art Brochet
Debra and Bob Brodie
David Brooks
Laurelynn Brooks
Jodi Broughton
April Brown
Barbara Brown
James Hadlock and Sharon Brown
Joyce Brown
Peter Brown
Dunham Gooding and Sheilagh Brown-Gooding
Jerry and Virginia Brownfield
Mary and Tom Brucker
Emma Burgeson
Burlington Coleman Factory Outlet
The Burning Foundation
Robin Sanders and Brendan Burns
Ferdi Businger
Valerie Busse


Kim and Peter Cacace
Fitz and Rebecca Cahall
Debra and David Campbell
Dianne Dalton and Hugh Campbell
Glen and Elizabeth Campbell
Jennifer and Rob Campbell
Jill Campbell
Tom and Sonya Campion
JoAnn Carey
BJ Carol
Frances Carr
Cascadian Farm
Kale and Laura Casey
Christina Castillo
Beau MacGregor and Ryan Castle
Madeline Chaney
Meredith and Kirsti Charlton
Christel Cherry
Martha and Daniel Chesluk
Daphne Fong and Kevin Choy
Jon and Joan Christoffersen
City of Seattle
Lynne Jordan and Dennis Clark
Drs. Sterling and Sandra Clarren
April Claxton
Maureen Cleveland
Clif Bar
Clif Bar Family Foundation
Harvey and Naomi Cohen
Martin Cohen
James Colamarino
Prentiss Cole Jr. and Leora Cole
Kim and Ben Coleman
Keith Collins
Columbia Sportswear
Deedee Colwell
Concrete Herald
Beverly Conner
Beth and Marc Cordova
The Coryell Family
Matt Counas
Lezlie Cox
Ross and Barbara Craigie
Susan Crampton
Mechi Cremer
Susan Cristofani
Bradford Crozier
David Stokes and Jennifer Crozier
Gary Cummins
Blair Osborn and Alice Cunningham
Tim Manns and Brenda Cunningham
Lori Mason Curran
Virginia Curry
Don Custer
Joan Cybula


Ray and Lisa Dailey
Mark and Elaine Dale
Darby Foundation
Ginny Darvill
Corrine and Scott Davis
Mark Malone and Joan DeClaire
Gretchen DeDecker
Robert Deffeyes
Sara Waterman and Curtis DeGasperi
Kristin DeLancey
John and Wendy DePaolis
Cathy Deschenes
Dan Deuble
Pete and Alice Dewell
Kristi Diener
William and Holly Dietrich
Julie DiJoseph
Discuren Charitable Foundation
Shirley Dockendorf
Dawn Gauthier and Hudson Dodd
Jan Doescher
Marjorie Domenowske
Douglas and Maria Bayer Foundation
Therese Ogle and John Draper
Becky Drees
Sharon Baker and Richard Droker
Jennifer and Matthew Duett
Carrie Dupree
Rita Durand
DV and Ida McEachern Charitable Trust


Kaylene Farley and James Eberhardt
Catherine Norton and Dean Edmonson
Edith Edson
Zimmie Caner and Tom Edwards
Kersten Eggers
Barbara Eisenberg
Eric Elderbrock
Sunnie Empie
Catherine Endicott
Gail Engler
Enterprise Holdings Foundation
Ronald and Carol Erickson
Chip Ernst
Valerie Estrada
The Eulalie Bloedel Schneider Foundation
Dale and Sharon Evans
Ronald Evans
Jason Ruvelson and Dawn Evarts
Ann Ewel
Expedition Education Institute


Linda Fairchild
Family Partnership Program
Hui-Ling Fan
Theresa Fenton
Corwin Fergus
Elette Ferguson
Laura and Chris Fisher
Carol Flanagan
George Fleming
Beverly Fletcher
Kevin Tighe and Becky Fletcher
Mike and Shannon Flory
Carma and Ben Floyd
Jana Williams and Clare Fogelsong
Stephen Streufert and Lisa Foisy
Dr. Jim Ford
Laurie and Jim Ford
Brice Howard and Amy Fox
Howard Fox
Kathy Fox
Kay, Bob and John Francis
Carol Anne Been and Dan Freedman
Alan and Lisbeth Fritzberg
Lauren Fritzen
Susan and Albert Fuchs


Gabrielle Family Vision Care
Nancy and George Gale
Mike and Frances Gallo
Crystal Gartner
Alice and Dennis Gastineau
Neil and Sonjia Gavin
GE Foundation
GEAR AID Inc. (formerly McNett Corporation)
General Mills Foundation
Will George
May and John Gerstle
Roger Gerstle
Jeff and Janet Giesen
Neil and Leslie Gilham
Kristofer and Kristen Gilje
Bob and Jean Gillespie
Sarah Gilman
Carmen and Brian Gilmore
Kirk Giloth
Paul and Donna Glasoe
Jean Leib and Jeanne Glick
Bo Glover
Gail Casper and Darlene Golas
Paddy Freeman and Susan Golub
Kurt Hoelting and Sally Goodwin
Beth Gould
Marvin Yamaguchi and Dianne Graham
Gillian and Mark Grambo
Kate Greenberg
Susan Greenberg
Lani Donohoe and Tom Griffin
Group Health Cooperative of Puget Sound
Guemes Island Environmental Trust
Brian Guenther
Kristine Guidash
Gerri Gunn
Latisha Guthrie


Jessica Haag
Joan and David Haag
Michael Haberman
Christopher Moench and Jennifer Hahn
David and Cathy Hall
James Wood and Codi Hamblin
Kellie Hamblin
Laurien and Timark Hamilton
Timothy Bates and Susan Hamilton
Steve Wang and Kathryn Hamilton-Wang
James Hansen
Jon Hansen
Roberta Hansen
Gregory Harkins
John Horner and Jeanine Hart-Horner
John and Sheri Harter
Molly and David Hashimoto
Barb Hathaway
Julie Unruh and Jean-Marc Hauss
Teresa Hazel
Jan Healy
Lori Healey and Robby Healy
Lotus Heart
Kara and Mike Heck
Laurie Bomstad Heck and Ken Heck
Marie and Dale Hedden
Stuart Heller
Jan and Jerry Hemme
Henry M. Jackson Foundation
Dr. Harry and Mrs. Elizabeth Herdman
The Heymann Foundation
Highland Farm West
Pat and Terry Higman
Dianne Riter and Richard Hill
William Hill
Thomas and Arline Hinckley
Bess and Steven Hjartarson
John Hogan
Jeanette Hollenbeck
Sheila Holtgrieve
Mary Hong
Cynthia Hoover
Shane Hope
Maggie Kinsella and Jim Hopper
Anne Hubka
The Hugh and Jane Ferguson Foundation
Holly Hughes
Barry Wenger and Mary Humphries
Julia Hurd
Gerry Hutson


Icicle Fund
David Ideker
Irongate Machines
Steven Ivy
Steve and Catherine Iwaki


Craig and Ann Jackson
Paul Jackson
Mark Lindenbaum and Margaret Jahn
Carlyn James
Mark Janicke
Linda Povinelli and Ray Jarol
Wayne Jeffers
The Jeffris Wood Fund
Chip and Laurie Jenkins
Tracie and Jim Johannessen
Judy Chapman and Carl Johansen
Kevin Johnson
Lindsey MacDonald and Ben Johnson
Melissa Johnson
Sue Johnston
Tamara and Tom Jorden
Naomi Joy
John and Marisol Joynt
Amber Jurgensen


Leonard Kannapell
Alex Keenan
Walt Corbin and Gayle Keith-Ashley
James and Barbara Kenney
Sarah Castle and Thom Kephart
Megan Keyes
Jon Vanderheyden and Kathleen Kilcoyne
Lauren Thomas Kincaid
Kathryn Kindgren
Barbara and Tobey King
Lisa Bean King and Justin King
Willadee Worthington King and Will King
Caren Burke and Sean Kiser
Lawrence Kiser
Cynthia and Bob Klein
Jesse Kleinman
Sandra Klier
Jeanne Kloser
Kristin Kluge
Gayle Kness
Carol Hedlin and Margot Knuth
Stephen and Elizabeth Koepp
Louise Kornreich
Ellen Kritzman
Libby Mills and Rusty Kuntze
The Kuperberg and Neaubauer Family
Pat Kust
Misha Kutsovsky


Calvin Laatsch
Ben Lennon and Colleen Lafferty
Barry and Dawn Landau
Mary and Edwin Langbein
Shari and Lew Lapof
Sandi Lauer
Orawan and Robert Layne
Marcia Lazoff
Joseph and Elinor LeBaron
Cindy Lee
Michael Lee
Chris and Valerie Legler
David and Linda Leisy
Patricia Leon-Garvin
Catherine LeViseur
Krista Lewicki
Carla Lewis
Michele and Robert Liburdy
Andrew Lindenburgh
Becky and Steve List
Alice Litton
Katharine Llop
Judy and Bob Lloyd
Tad, Darcie and Lane Lloyd
Mark Boyd and Nancy Lomneth
Judith Schaefer and Nathaniel Lott
Nancy Lundeen
Kristin Lundgren
Joel Lynam
Andrew Morrison and Christine Lynch
Jennifer Lynch


Laura Grow and Shawn MacDougall
Robert Long and Paula MacKay
Sue and Len Madison
Janet Mahan
Jed Marshall
Kate Mills and John Marshall
Nannette Martin
Ted and Deb Martin
Martin-Fabert Foundation
Peter and Linda Marziliano
Holiday and Bob Matchett
Anna Mateljak
Liz Mathias
Barbara Matson
Sagen Mazick
Scott and Frances McAdams
Celeste McArthur
Sharon Mccallum
Linda McCormick
Jennifer McCoy
Frank Lawler and Ann McCurdy
McDanel Land Foundation
Mary and David McDonald
Russell and Tanya McDonald
Alec McErlich
Jenica and Chris McEvoy
Penny McGinty
Bill McJohn
John McLaughlin
Helen McLeod
Scott and Maggie McManus
Thomas Kohn and Cheryl McMillan
Chris McMuldroch
The McMurrer Family
Lloyd McReynolds
Martin and Lissa Mehalchin
Sue Mehler
Method Homes, LLC
Amy Brown and Eric Mickelson
Microsoft Matching Gifts Program
Anne and Jack Middleton
Judith and Gordon Middleton
Guy Miller
Howard and Debbie Miller
Scott Miller
Stan Miller
Eleanor Mischaikow
Anne Mitchell
Cynthia Mitchell
Anne Mize
Nina Molinaro
Richard Monroe
Erin Moore
John Miles and Susan Morgan
Stephanie and James Morgareidge
Yolanda Morris
Charlie Maliszewski and Heidi Mosbarger
Paula Tsitsiragos and Douglas Moser
Mallory Mosner
Vicky Moyle
Susan Murray
Miller and Sharon Myers


Michael Napier
Steve and Sandy Nason
National Forest Foundation
National Park Service
Sarah Navarre
Trish Navarre
Ellen and Richard Nelson
Anjanette Nelson-Wally
New Belgium Brewing Company
Douglas Holtzman and Holly Nguyen
Emmett and Danielle Nixon
Emily Nugent


Julie and Gary O'Donald
Ms. Pat O'Rourke
Joan Ofteness
Ryan Taylor and Stephanie Ogburn
Rose Oliver
Marilyn and Thomas Olsen
OneFamily Foundation
Kent Opheim
Kari Anderson and Jory Oppenheimer
Organically Grown Company
Patricia Otto
Nancy Oyloe


Lauren Pananen
Linda Park
Mark Parker
Richard and Kathleen Parker
Tina Cummings and Dr. Clark Parrish
Kim Parsley
Kimberly Pate
Linda Pavinelli
Percolator Consulting
Bill and Dana Peregrine
Brian and Debby Peterman
Alec Peters
Joel Petersen-Gauthier
Thomas and Peggy Phillips
Jo and Tom Philpot
Laura Shelton and Stuart Plotnick
Joanne Besch and Patrick Podenski
Stephanie and Ken Poelker
Joshua Porter
Kasey and Lee Potzler
Karla Pratt
Diane Prescott
Gypsy Walukones and Jason Preston
Suze Woolf and Steve Price
Karen and Richard Prince
Puget Sound Energy Foundation
Bob Pyle


Quest for Truth Foundation


Brian Williams and Mary Raines
Ginger Reeves
Jay and Jane Reich
Frank and Sherry Retherford
John and Barbara Reynolds
Denise Rhiner
Donna and Jack Rice
Matthew and Pam Rice
Robin Richardson
Susan and Allan Richardson
Byron Ricks and Maren Van Nostrand
Robert Ricks
Nancy Ridder
Liz Williams and James Ridgley
Donna Riley
Carl Rinder
Alexander and Sandy Ripley
Carol Ritter
Charles Roberts
Patrice Roberts
Maren and Matt Robertson
Chuck and Dee Robinson
Mamie Rockafellar
Rob Rodland
Linda Roe
Dennis Rogalsky
Judy and Don Rogers
Joseph Rollin
Katie Roloson
Heather and Craig Romano
Jean and Kelly Rosekrans
Chandra Ruble
Megan Rush
Tamis Nordling and David Rush


Cathleen Sande
Sibyl Sanford
Donna vonLehe and Paul Santo
Nathan Rice and Anna Santo
Sheila Sondik and Paul Sardasy
Melissa Sargent
Katrina Scaglione
Terre Scappini
Margot Schenet
Brian Scheuch
Schiff Foundation
Lydia and David Schoen
Maryam and Luther Schutz
Michelle Heng and Randy Schweickart
Jordan and Lonnie Schwirtlich
Geoffrey Yule and Heather Scott
The Seattle Foundation
Phyllis and Charles Self
Randy Self
Jane-Ellen Seymour
The Sharing Foundation
Jonathan Shepard
Deejah and Ron Sherman-Peterson
Kiyomi Taguchi and Joe Shlichta
Gordon Shriver
Alan Shurman
Katey Simetra
Richard and Irene Simpson
Amy Singer
Norm and Michelle Sitz
Skagit Bank
Skagit Community Foundation
Skagit County Public Hospital District 304: United General
Skagit Environmental Endowment Commission
Skagit Law Group, PLLC
Skagit Valley Food Co-op
Elizabeth Skoczen
Lisa and Alan Sleight
Smallwood Farms
Craig and Kathy Smith
Emily Smith
Jim and Judy Smith
Nora Smith
Michael and Jennifer Smyth
Gene Myers and Mardi Solomon
Pennie Saum and Erin Soper
Michael Sorice
Michael Srebnicki
Rob and Elizabeth St Andre
Jack and Sandie Starr
Catherine Staunton
Paige Steele
Emilija Stefanovic
Craig and Val Stewart
Deborah DeWolfe and Kate Stewart
Ray Stewart
Stillaguamish Tribe of Indians
Linda Stone
Tim Dutton and Donna Strathern
Daniel and Ann Streissguth
Janice and Walter Strigen
Gerry Cook and Hannah Sullivan
David and Barbara Sussman
Shara Svendsen
Balasubram Swaminathan
Swinomish Indian Tribal Community
Suzan Wong Swint
Kate Szurek


Takeda Pharmaceuticals
Stowe and Nina Talbot
Margaret Tally
Peter Duniho and Debra Tan
Vicki Tart
Rachel VanDeMark and Jason Taylor
Anne Terrell
Mike Thimgan
Gay Thomas
Sarah Thomas
Thomas & Associates Insurance Broker, Inc.
Alan Greenbaum and Laura Thorne
C Lee Miller and George Thornton
Garth Tissol
Suzy and Rick Titcomb
Bob and Jan Tivel
Mark Tobin
Tochterman Management Group
David Cheyette and Cynthia Todd
Julie and Bill Toomey
Mel Tossey
Ashley Townes
Patricia and Trileigh Tucker and Rob Duisberg
Brad and Jenny Tuininga
Tulalip Tribes Charitable Fund
Kali Tupper
Christi Turner
Martia Denniston and Fredrick Turner
Christina Tutsch
Stephanie and David Twigg


Uber Technologies Inc.
United Way of Snohomish County
Mary Ursin
Marcia Utela
Adrian Uzunian


Angie Vandenhaak
Sarah Vautaux
Moya Vazquez
Danielle Venton
Lydia and Jose Vila
Village Books & Paper Dreams
Jonathan Sayer and Abby Vincent
Dana Visser
Joseph Vitovec
Jason Viydo
Colette Vogele


Kathy Wade
Levi Waggoner
James and Betsy Walker
Erin Wallin
Beth Walsh
Phoebe and Stephen Warren
Jenny Warwick
Washington Foundation for the Environment
Jenna and Ryan Wasserman
Rebecca Watson
Brian Watts
Reliance Ricketts and Dick Wearn
Barbara Weeks
Dr. Reitha and Mr. Russell Weeks
Paul Reavley and Denise Weeks
Louis Weisberg
Saul and Shelley Weisberg
Ruthy Porter and Shawn Welch
Ms. Janet Wells
Mona West
Walter West
Western Washington University
Rebecca Westlake
Whatcom Community Foundation
Lee Whitford
Andrew Wickstrand
Peter and Karen Wickstrand
William and Susan Wilder
Jane Talbot and Kevin Williamson
Paul and Sharon Willis
Jan Wilson
Jane Wilson
Richard Wilson
Cathy Wissink
Abigail Wizansky
Joanne Ja and Harry Ja Wong
Christopher Wood
Martha and Mr. Morton Wood
Susan Woodside
Rose Woodward
Robert and Barbara Wright

X - Z

Sarah Yeager
Alisa Yee
David and Peggy Yost
Kathy Young
Mary Zachariash
Elsie and Richard Zarnowitz
Helene Zaslow
Steven Zopfi
Dr. Susan Zwinger

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big_quotation_mark.pngKids have to learn where they come from… emmas-storyIf we understand what we have here, in this place, we know that we have to take care of it. Making decisions about environmental sustainability makes sense once you’ve fallen in love with the place.”

Read Graduate Alumni Emma Ewert’s full story



North Cascades Institute has received TWELVE four-star ratings from Charity Navigator!

Mountain School in Seattle Times


In a three-day mountain camp experience, imbue in school children a visceral connection with this special place — the thumping, mountainous heart of Northwest wilderness. Make its magic real to them at a micro level, in the hope that some of them will feel the pull to return as powerfully as a salmon headed home to spawn... "
- Seattle Times
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