Pricing and Scholarships

Mountain School serves public, private and home school groups. Please call us for current pricing for your school group. Scholarships are available based on an individual school’s need. Need is determined by an individual school’s Free and Reduced Lunch percentage provided by Washington state’s Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction. Mountain School is a priority program for North Cascades Institute and we conduct an ambitious fundraising program to subsidize participation for public schools

How to schedule a Mountain School program

1. Please contact Codi Hamblin, Program Outreach Coordinator, at (360) 854-2598 or at with the name of your school, grade, group size and dates you are interested in attending.

2. Codi will work with you to schedule dates for your group. Programming is available from mid-March to mid-June and from mid-September to mid-November. Both the spring and fall Mountain School seasons are scheduled about one year out. Space may remain available for the upcoming seasons, so please contact us to inquire about availability

3. Once your session is scheduled, you will receive a contract from our Registrar to complete.  Once you receive the contract, please make sure all information is correct, sign and return the contract and a deposit of 25% within two weeks. The deposit will be deducted from your final bill. Billing occurs after the program is completed. Your reservation will be considered final after paperwork and deposit are received.

4. After we receive the signed contract and deposit, you will receive a planning packet from our Program Coordinator. The packet assists in the planning and preparation needed to help facilitate a rewarding Mountain School experience. The Program Coordinator works with both teachers and Institute instructional staff to coordinate the logistics and successful implementation of your Mountain School experience.

Make the mountains your classroom! 
For more information, please contact our School Outreach Coordinator, Codi Hamblin, at (360) 854-2598 or send her an .

Mountain School Videos

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MM-MSTV-thumb.jpgProduced by KCTS 9 Seattle for the "North Cascades: People, Places and Stories", this episode examines Mountain School. 4:54 | Watch Video

Mountain School makes the magic of the wilderness real for kids


The concept behind Mountain School, run by nonprofit North Cascades Institute, sounds simple: In a three-day mountain camp experience, imbue in school children a visceral connection with this special place — the thumping, mountainous heart of Northwest wilderness. Make its magic real to them at a micro level, in the hope that some of them will feel the pull to return as powerfully as a salmon headed home to spawn. Slip into their consciousness rudimentary skills of a naturalist — the ability to observe and make the same personal connections to other wild lands.

This is how it’s done at Mountain School. Has been, in fact, for 25 years as a program that sprouted in leaky Army surplus tents at Newhalem Campground matures into a national model for wilderness education on public lands."

— The Seattle Times, August 2015

Mountain School in the News

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