Summer Tracking

Summer Tracking

Summer Tracking

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Jul 15, 2023 from 09:00 AM to 04:00 PM
Sedro Woolley
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Prints left behind by wildlife can reveal far more than most people know. Was the animal running or walking? Was it hunting? Injured? What other animals was it interacting with? 


Instructor Chris Byrd will reveal the hidden goings on of wildlife by teaching a basic tracking skill-set at Northern State Recreation Area on the outskirts of Sedro-Woolley in the lower Skagit Valley. He'll cover identification of genus and species so we know who's out there, gait interpretation so we understand what was happening, how to age the tracks so we have a sense of time, and behavior to add nuance to the story that emerges. And beyond the story told by one sign or another, this course will teach you how those stories are part of the larger cycles in play all around us. 


Chris is a master tracker and a renaissance man, adding his knowledge of meteorology, ecology, and much more to his practice of tracking. He follows not just tracks, but all forms and traces of animal signs, and is able to share an incredible amount of information on every outing.


Prepare to have rich and varied fields of natural history information integrated into your experience of the outdoors!

All photos property of Chris Byrd