Spring Snake Search in the Methow Valley

Spring Snake Search in the Methow Valley

Spring Snake Search in the Methow Valley

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May 13, 2018 from 11:00 AM to 04:00 PM
Methow Valley
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At first glance, our snake friends get a bad rap, yet they become fascinating, even personable, once you learn about their special niche within our local ecosystem. These cold-blooded creatures need hiding spaces to take refuge from the hot and cold, while also needing places to bask in sunlight to warm their bodies, and the Methow Valley is a premier classroom for finding them in their natural habitats.

Spring Snake Search in the Methow Valley
Join field biologists John and Scott for an intimate look at Eastern Washington’s reptiles in the magical Methow Valley. Located on the sunny side of the North Cascades, we’ll spend our day in the field searching sunny meadows and dramatic canyons while also learning about the latest scientific research on local populations.

Together, we’ll survey for snakes near active den sites, increasing the probability of finding a variety of species.

Our team will be recording snake observations for the Center for Snake Conservation’s nationwide effort to create an instantaneous snapshot of the continent’s snake populations.

Expand your intimacy with the animal kingdom in this small-group field excursion with two of our state’s leading field biologists.