Family Getaway @ Home Box 1: A Sense of Adventure

Family Getaway @ Home Box 1: A Sense of Adventure

Family Getaway @ Home Box 1: A Sense of Adventure

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Nov 09, 2020 12:00 PM to
Nov 22, 2020 12:00 PM
North Cascades Environmental Learning Center
Institute staff
Adult (Age 13-61)
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Will you be missing a Family Getaways trip to the Environmental Learning Center this summer? We will certainly be missing you! The good news is that place-based, intergenerational learning can happen anywhere! Our Family Getaways at Home packages are equipped with engaging lessons, activities, and supplies designed to help your family explore the natural world around your home, share new perspectives across generations, and have fun while learning! Please note that the check-out form is built for the Learning Center experience, so ignore irrelevant fields like gender, food allergies and room requests. Call us at 360-854-2599 if you have questions or need assistance in ordering, thank you!

Box 1: A SENSE of Adventure

Family Getaway @ Home Box 1: A Sense of Adventure
Soundscapes:  Sounds—or the absence of them—can transport us to a specific memory, provide important cues that help us survive, prompt emotional responses, and much more. This lesson will  help you use your sense of hearing to observe your surroundings from new perspectives and to learn about the impacts of sound.

Nature Bingo: Explore the nearby natural world with your family with a low-stakes scavenger hunt twist!

Beginner Birding: Delve into beginner birding with activities like the creation of bird-viewing binoculars and a sketching challenge with your family! Become familiar with the key characteristics that will help you identify different birds. Use the Merlin app Bird ID function by Cornell Lab of Ornithology to identify bird images and learn to engage in citizen science. 

Included in this box:

  • Lessons and activity instructions
  • 4 Nature Journals
  • 4 wood cookies
  • 4 paper binocular kits
  • 8 Nature Bingo cards
  • Bird identification cards and coloring sheets
  • Link to virtual 30-minute guided yoga classes, themed for nature lovers of any age!