Amphibians of PNW Ponds and Streams

Amphibians of PNW Ponds and Streams

Amphibians of PNW Ponds and Streams

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Aug 24, 2024 from 09:00 AM to 05:00 PM
South Fork Valley of the Nooksack River
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Infant (0-2)
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How well do you know our local frogs and salamanders? Would you like us to introduce you to some of our favorites this summer? Join the Institute and Whatcom County Amphibian Monitoring Program (WCAMP) biologists Stephen Nyman and Vikki Jackson in an exciting exploration of amphibian habitats, adaptation and survival in the Anthropocene.


Adult female Oregon Spotted Frog floating in a pool restored by WCAMP in the South Fork Valley

The broad South Fork Valley east of Bellingham, extending south along the Samish River, is home to a unique community of amphibians. Here is one of the last strongholds of the federally Threatened Oregon Spotted Frog (Rana pretiosa), along with other more common “pond-adapted” species of frogs and salamanders. Streams on the adjacent foothills are inhabited by tailed frogs and Pacific giant salamanders.


During this late summer field class, you will learn to find, identify, and closely observe several species — don’t forget your camera to help keep track of who you meet and what you learn! You will participate in amphibian searches as your instructors share natural history information, describe habitat relationships, and efforts to save the unique populations of the Federally Threatened Oregon Spotted Frog.


Class venues will include a Whatcom Land Trust property where WCAMP is restoring habitat for Oregon Spotted Frog and a cascading mountain stream on commercial forest land.


Photos by Stephen Nyman