Tele Aadsen’s "What Water Holds" in Bellingham

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Oct 01, 2023 from 04:00 PM to 05:00 PM
Village Books, Bellingham
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A Nature of Writing Speaker Series event at Village Books in Bellingham

Tele Aadsen met the ocean as a child when her parents traded jobs as veterinarians for a migratory life shared with sea birds, salmon, and fishermen. In the mist of the Tongass rainforest, Tele learned to explore life within endless shades of gray, coming to know firsthand how fine the line between life and death and the precarious balance of sea, land, and sky. She’s spent the four decades since trolling for salmon on Southeast Alaska’s offshore waters.

In What Water Holds, a series of lyrical, reflective essays first shared at Oregon’s FisherPoets Gathering, Tele examines questions of equity, identity, community, the changing climate, and sustainability with loving, detailed attention, revealing the complexities within their many shades of gray. Weaving stories of what lies beneath the surface and—if we choose—the possibilities beyond, What Water Holds speaks to anyone who has fallen under the spell of the sea, struggled to find their own uncharted path, or wrestled with big philosophical questions—in short, anyone seeking to live a full, deeply considered life.


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