Give BIG for Youth

The students quoted above are our future. Your support makes experiences like theirs possible. By connecting people of different ages, backgrounds and experiences to nature—especially young people—you are helping to ensure a bright future for all. 

Thank you for giving BIG! On May 9, more than 170 people came together to meet (and exceed) our GiveBIG challenge match, raising $123,600 in just one day, and a total of over $185,000 for youth this spring! Thank you for providing access to transformative experiences in nature for all young people.

Here are a few examples of how your investment IS helpING TO shape our future:

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Contributions from individuals like you expand minds, change lives and give young people the confidence they need to lead with their own voices. Together, we are building the future by engaging people of ALL ages, backgrounds and abilities in shared learning experiences in nature.

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Below are a few examples of your gift in action and why these opportunities have so much impact on the students who participate.

School Programs

Students come together as a class or school for three days of Mountain School in the heart of North Cascades National Park or one day of Snow School at the Mt. Baker Ski Area. These programs foster a sense of place and community, building connections to nature and fellow classmates and peers. They also help schools meet national and educational standards.

Give 50

Take a deep breath, stay quiet. Enjoy the nature around you. Tired? Keep going, you may rest later. Remember, you are a part of nature. My goal is to calm down and be a good team to others. Mountain School will help you do that."

— A 5th-grader's note to ‘future self’ after Mountain School

Give 50

The greatest value for my students was being at the ski area and having a positive experience in the mountains in winter, gaining a greater awareness of the public lands and environment that they live within and seeing science at work."

— A teacher’s reflection after attending Snow School


The most valuable part was equalizing the status of all students. So many students shine here who really struggle in the classroom setting."

— A teacher’s reflection after attending Mountain School

Youth Programs

Youth Leadership Adventures
Youth Leadership Adventures summer backcountry courses, the Northwest Youth Leadership Summit in Seattle, and Youth Ambassadors after school program in Skagit County cultivate leadership and communication skills through personal exploration and public speaking. They empower youth to make a difference through stewardship and workforce opportunities as well as prepare for college.


With Youth Leadership Adventures I had many uncomfortable experiences that helped me grow... When I went back for the Summit, I was amazed to see all the leaders, students, adults, and organizations who cared about the environment and wanted each other to make a change... Because of you and your work I have had some of the best experiences of my life. Thank you!”

— Willem,  Youth Leadership Adventures student and Summit attendee


As the oldest sibling, I want to set a good example by being the first in my family to go to college. During Youth Ambassadors, I found the right colleges for me, learned about financial aid, and created my career pathway. My goal is to be an Elementary Teacher in Skagit County. I can't wait for what my future holds!"

— Ana, Youth Ambassador


This program is very effective at creating a sense of environmental consciousness within its participants. I've experienced and noticed this change within myself and my peers. Youth Leadership Adventures is especially valuable because it contributes to raising awareness in younger generations as to understanding climate change and valuing natural places, which is crucial to future preservation efforts. YLA also does an excellent job of fostering cooperative, inclusive, and enjoyable groups. Thank you for contributing to such a helpful cause and making it possible for both me and my group to go on this trip."

— Dylan, Youth Leadership Adventures student

Thank you for giving BIG to empower the leaders of the future! 


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