"Soul of the Skagit" with Christian Murillo at Village Books in Bellingham

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Sep 01, 2023 from 06:00 PM to 07:00 PM
Village Books, Bellingham
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A Nature of Writing Speaker Series event at Village Books in Bellingham

Soul of the Skagit tells the riveting story of the Skagit River, from its glacial headwaters all the way to the Salish Sea. Featuring a pairing of stunning photography and engaging writing, Christian Murillo takes you on an immersive journey through the Skagit, revealing a narrative of unexpected relationships between the rugged landscape, wildlife, mankind. Understanding these relationships helps this book build the foundation for a holistic approach to conservation that can be applied beyond the boundaries of the Skagit River Watershed.

“In Soul of the Skagit, Murillo takes us on a compelling journey through the Skagit River Watershed, from the top of Eldorado Peak to the waters of the Salish Sea. Through his writings and imagery, we learn the story of a critical waterway and the variety of life it supports. This is a highly readable book for those interested in how this local landscape shapes us all.”
-Scott Kranz, Photographer

Christian Murillo is a photographer and author, based in Bend, Oregon. His work has been featured in galleries and publications around the world, including the LUMEN Museum of Mountain Photography, Sidetracked Magazine, Backpacker Magazine, 1859, and others. A consistent theme throughout his work is the focus on the simultaneous power and fragility of the natural world, as a result of climate change and other human impacts. His newest book Soul of the Skagit is his largest and most ambitious project to date, culminating his work over three years in the Skagit River Watershed.


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