Course Descriptions


Outdoor Leadership

(for students in 9th-12th grade*)

This 8-day course seeks to jumpstart students’ lifelong engagement with nature, stewardship, and the outdoors. Students will be canoe camping and/or backpacking on these service expeditions in the North Cascades. Students gain strong foundations in outdoor skills, leadership, and natural history, along with completing hands-on stewardship activities including caring for public lands and field science projects.

*Students must be 9th-12th grade as of June 1, 2017

    • Offered June 29-July 6, and August 8-15, 2017 (six courses offered; 9-10 students per trip)
    • Backpacking and/or canoe camping
    • Leadership and public speaking skills
    • Hands-on service projects
    • Explore and learn about the North Cascades wilderness
    • Community building and communication skills
    • Culminating presentations to youth and adults
    • Students earn 15+ community service hours



Science and Sustainability

(for students in 11th-12th grade*)

This 12-day long backpacking and/or canoe camping field expedition connects students to the natural world while giving them the knowledge and skills to understand how Climate Change is affecting the North Cascades. Outdoor skills, leadership opportunities, public speaking practice, hands-on field science, and stewardship work provide students the confidence and knowledge to be public land stewards during and after their trip.

 *Students must be in 11th-12th grade as of June 1, 2017

    • Offered July 17-28 2017 (three courses offered; 9-10 students per trip)
    • Backpacking and/or canoe camping and hiking
    • Ecology, geology, and climate science
    • Hands-on field science and stewardship
    • Leadership and public speaking skills
    • Sustainability practices that translate to home communities
    • Culminating presentations 
    • 15-20 community service hours


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There aren’t many opportunities for low-income or people of color to get this kind of experience. I never imagined that I could be an outdoor educator because I never Flor-Hernandezhad the opportunity to go camping, much less encounter a park ranger. I didn’t know jobs like this existed until now."

-- Imara White, 2016 Apprentice

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