The Wild in Watercolor and Word

The Wild in Watercolor and Word

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Apr 03, 2020 03:00 PM to
Apr 05, 2020 03:00 PM
North Cascades Environmental Learning Center
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Two nights of lodging, six organic meals. Instruction in place-based nature writing and watercolors. Potential carpool/transportation to field sites. Facilitated critique.
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What creativity could happen if you mix writing and watercolor together? Let's find out together!

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In this class, we’ll explore the synergy between these two imaginative modes. What emerges from this interplay is often something wholly different - a wild and dynamic kind of art.

Under the keen tutelage of dual instructors Molly Hashimoto and Ilona Popper, you’ll learn how to combine images and words to record and express your connection to the land. Being more practiced in one of these two approaches is normal - come and see to jump-start both and find out how they can be mutually supportive and enriching. Basic outdoor and studio watercoloring will be covered, as well as writing prompts, generative exercises and other literary techniques to get the words flowing out on the page.

The North Cascades offer contemplative opportunities away from human activity, as well as an endless array of natural phenomenon and inspiring views. Together, we'll venture out into the landscape for field journaling, both written and illustrated, then return to the classroom to refine field notes into more developed works.

Join Molly, Ilona and Institute naturalists and enjoy the camaraderie of your classmates while you learn to work with these twin modalities!