Mindful Photography at Baker Lake

Mindful Photography at Baker Lake

Mindful Photography at Baker Lake

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Jun 03, 2023 from 09:00 AM to 04:00 PM
Baker River Trail
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Mount Baker and the surrounding area yield inspiring images. Well-composed photographs bring the epic sense of space and grandeur right to us. When they're really effective, they transport us to the place. North Cascades Institute is excited to collaborate with Alan Majchrowicz, a well-known regional landscape and nature photographer, for another workshop.


Alan will lead us along easy hikes around the Baker Lake area, with time to stop for photo opportunities. He'll begin by teaching us how to see, relate to, and interact with the environment before channeling the experience into images.


Moving into the technical, he'll show us how to appreciate and work in different weather and lighting conditions. His instruction will cover various composition techniques for open landscapes, forests, streams and waterfalls, and macro. Camera techniques like usage of filters, focus stacking, exposure stacking, and manual settings will also be addressed.


At the end of our day spent together, you'll have learned a new range of techniques and tricks to make the most of your digital camera and new ways of seeing the natural world!

Photos by Alan Majchrowicz