HawkWatch at Chelan Ridge

HawkWatch at Chelan Ridge

HawkWatch at Chelan Ridge

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Sep 23, 2022 09:00 AM to
Sep 24, 2022 01:00 PM
Chelan Ridge
Institute staff
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This classic collaboration between North Cascades Institute, HawkWatch International and the US Forest Service offers participants the opportunity to witness an amazing avian spectacle. Each autumn, thousands of hawks, eagles and falcons cruise along a high ridge perched above Lake Chelan on their way to winter territories. Join us and witness this peak migration phenomenon while gathering data for the monitoring efforts of the two organizations.


We will meet in Twisp to check in and get outfitted with coffee and pastries at Cinnamon Twisp, then meet our USFS contact who will share the history of the monitoring site before caravaning up to it. Once there, we’ll learn about raptor biology and hone our identification skills so as to assist researchers as they count passing hawks. This generates local data in a larger effort to capture information on the health of North America’s raptor populations. The field station also bands hawks in order to gather information on bird populations, movements and survival, providing participants the rare opportunity to get a close-up look at these magnificent birds.


We may also have opportunities for short hikes and forays from camp. When the sun goes down, we’ll a have campfire, dinner and discussion together before camping out under the stars.

This year, participants will need to provide their own meals, camping gear and transportation. Breakfast on Friday can be had at Cinnamon Twisp. Please prepare for lunch and dinner on Friday, and breakfast and lunch on Saturday. The Institute will provide heated water for dinner and breakfast on Saturday. Driving to the site entails traversing rough and bumpy forest roads, so a vehicle with decent ground clearance and AWD or 4WD is required. NCI may be able to offer transportation for a few people. Please inquire.


Note: There are currently no bathrooms at Chelan Ridge. Outhouses may be installed by the time of the course - we are optimistic they will be.

Scholarships are available for this course!