Exploring the Winter World - Online

Exploring the Winter World - Online

Exploring the Winter World - Online

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Mar 01, 2023 from 05:30 PM to 07:00 PM
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What makes winters so enjoyable? When outside amidst a heavy rain or snow, we naturally begin to wonder: What’s playing on our senses? Who else is out here? What might they be up to, and which behaviors are unique to winter? 

Increase your appreciation and excitement for the winter season by learning a bit more about the adaptations of various birds, animals and plants adapted to thrive in the North Cascade mountains. This virtual class will provide the tools for you to hone your field observation skills and provide insight, stories and clues for fostering a deeper connection to our winter world.

You may know her from her popular virtual geology program, or from her North Cascadian trivia program, or perhaps  you bumped into her while she was frolicking in the hills, singing with the birds, and collecting wonderful stones—she’s Gina Roberti! Gina returns to the Institute’s virtual venue for this invernal delight.

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