Our Mission & Strategic Plan

North Cascades Institute’s mission is to inspire and empower environmental stewardship for all through transformative educational experiences in nature

Strategic Plan 2017 – 2019

I. IMPACT: Strengthen the Institute’s impact and meet the needs of diverse communities by pursuing new opportunities for programs, partners and audiences

  1. Promote diversity, equity and inclusion throughout the Institute’s culture, work and partnering relationships to ensure that the Institute and its programs are welcoming, relevant and accessible.
  2. Integrate and expand climate literacy throughout Institute programs.
  3. Inspire and empower educators through activities that build skills and confidence in experiential outdoor learning, teach environmental concepts and issues and provide opportunities for environmental stewardship.
  4. Cultivate productive relationships with regional and national stakeholders and decision-makers to support and promote conservation and experiential outdoor learning

II. LIFELONG LEARNING: Encourage and facilitate ongoing engagement with nature by offering programs for people from early childhood through adulthood

  1. Explore new learning sites and partnerships that connect people to nature in their own communities.
  2. Create career opportunities and leadership experiences by offering internship, apprenticeship, volunteer and employment opportunities through the Institute and its partners. 
  3. Increase the direct impact of the graduate program through community service and leadership and partnership opportunities.

III. CONSERVATION IN PRACTICE: Model environmental stewardship at North Cascades Institute by practicing and promoting conservation and sustainability

  1. Strengthen the foodshed initiative, citizen science, and the connection between nature and human health in Institute programs.
  2. Educate about and advocate for selected issues that align with the Institute’s mission and values.
  3. Develop and implement an organization-wide plan for sustainable operations.

IV. CAPACITY: Achieve sustainable growth and stability in core programs and operations while ensuring the Institute’s ability to respond to opportunity and challenge

  1. Establish integrated, rolling five-year financial and program plans to guide sustainable growth.
  2. Engage the board of directors and Institute community more deeply with major donors and corporations to grow resources for future initiatives.
  3. Develop plans for leadership succession and professional development for key positions throughout the Institute.