Equity, Diversity and Inclusion

North Cascades Institute is proud that many of our programs effectively engage participants from diverse ethnic, cultural and socioeconomic backgrounds. This is a core focus of our organization, and is something we’re striving to improve in all of our programs. Since our founding, hundreds of students from underrepresented communities have discovered, explored and learned about their public lands and local communities with us. More than 80% of participating schools receive scholarship support and more than 75% of our Youth Leadership Adventures students come from underrepresented communities or receive scholarships.

Our world has a long history of institutionalized inequity. We see it as a responsibility of all people to work against this inequity. This is why our Diversity Committee is leading implementation of our Diversity Initiative, which seeks to emphasize diversity and inclusion as core values of our culture, work and relationships. Our goal is to accomplish this through efforts in three main areas:

  • Develop program offerings and content that are accessible, relevant and respectful to diverse audiences and underserved communities.
  • Develop a more culturally inclusive workplace and workforce.
  • Ensure that our marketing, website and written materials reflect our core values, are accessible and respectful.

We continually ask ourselves, “How can we make our organization and programs more accessible and relevant to the diversity of people that live in this region?” Our program cost, scholarship availability, transportation options, program location, content, marketing and outreach and hiring policies all have an impact on how we engage with the public, who we hire and who attends our programs.

There is much work to do with each of these and more – we are making progress and welcome your suggestions and support.