Learning Center Programs & Field Excursions


Join us at the North Cascades Environmental Learning Center for hands-on learning adventures with the Pacific Northwest’s best naturalists, artists, scientists and writers.

In addition to world-class educational opportunities on topics ranging from birds to watercolors to geology to "poets on the peaks,"  classes at the Learning Center offer comfortable accommodations in our guest lodges, delicious meals made from local, organic ingredients in our lakeside dining hall and naturalist-led activities in the Diablo Lake neighborhood.

We also offer Field Excursions away from the Learning Center that explore the natural and cultural history of Cascadia, including Mount Baker, the Methow Valley, the San Juan Islands, the Skagit Valley, Chelan Ridge, Seattle and beyond.

Our new slate of January-June 2016 programs at the Learning Center and in the field is listed below. Registration is offered online or by phone. For assistance, feel free to call us at (360) 854-2599 or email nci@ncascades.org.

Holiday Gift Certificates: $100 towards 2016 programs for only $80!

North Cascades Institute has the perfect gift idea that fits all sizes and will never go out of style: gift certificates that can be used toward 2016 Institute programs. Share your love of the Pacific Northwest with friends, family and other loved ones by giving them a gift that will enrich their lives. Gift certificates can be used for Family Getaways, Base Camp, adult natural history retreats and excursions and other Institute offerings (Skagit Tours excluded). And yes, its okay to gift yourself too!

To take advantage of this holiday offer, call our front desk at (360) 854-2599 or . If you want a physical gift certificate before the holidays, get your order in by Friday, December 18, so we can mail your gift in time for the holidays. Offer expires December 23.

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