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Did you know that children spend more than seven hours in front of screens every day? The increasing separation from the natural world is linked to childhood obesity, attention disorders, depression and lower academic achievement. Less time outside also leads to dwindling knowledge of biodiversity, conservationist values and participation in environmental stewardship as adults. Powerful experiential learning in the heart of one of the wildest National Parks in the nation is North Cascades Institute’s response to an epidemic facing young Americans today: a growing disconnect from nature.

North Cascades Institute inspires and empowers
environmental stewardship for all through
transformative educational experiences in nature.

& Now – more than ever – we must come together, with respect for our differences. We must rally around our common values and beliefs:

    • Nature is a source of inspiration that helps people lead healthy, well-balanced lives;
    • Shared experiences strengthen families, communities and society;
    • Diversity is a source of strength and resilience; and
    • Public lands are a vital resource for education, recreation and renewal.
Contributions from individuals like you expand minds, change lives and give young people the confidence they need to lead with their own voices.
“Have you ever felt empowered to change the world? I have…”

Together, we can build the future by engaging people of ALL ages, backgrounds and abilities in shared learning experiences in nature.

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“As an Environmental Educator, mother and now grandmother, I have seen how important North Cascade Institute’s youth programs are. Our children and grandchildren are able to connect with the natural world at a deep, long lasting level through these cutting edge programs. They also learn about the environmental issues that are rapidly changing our world so that as they become voters and consumers they are able to make informed, thoughtful decisions.”  - Lee Whitford, Program Participant, Volunteer and Supporter


big_quotation_mark.pngKids have to learn where they come from… emmas-storyIf we understand what we have here, in this place, we know that we have to take care of it. Making decisions about environmental sustainability makes sense once you’ve fallen in love with the place.”

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North Cascades Institute has received TWELVE four-star ratings from Charity Navigator!

Mountain School in Seattle Times


In a three-day mountain camp experience, imbue in school children a visceral connection with this special place — the thumping, mountainous heart of Northwest wilderness. Make its magic real to them at a micro level, in the hope that some of them will feel the pull to return as powerfully as a salmon headed home to spawn... "
- Seattle Times
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