Why We Need Your Support

Did you know that children spend more than seven hours in front of screens every day? The increasing separation from the natural world is linked to childhood obesity, attention disorders, depression and lower academic achievement. Less time outside also leads to dwindling knowledge of biodiversity, conservationist values and participation in environmental stewardship as adults. Powerful experiential learning in the heart of one of the wildest National Parks in the nation is North Cascades Institute’s response to an epidemic facing young Americans today: a growing disconnect from nature.


Now – more than ever – we must come together, around our common values and beliefs:

    • Nature is a source of inspiration that helps people lead healthy, well-balanced lives;
    • Shared experiences strengthen families, communities and society;
    • Diversity is a source of strength and resilience; and
    • Public lands are a vital resource for education, recreation and renewal.
Contributions from individuals like you expand minds, change lives and give young people the confidence they need to lead with their own voices.

Together, we can build the future by engaging people of ALL ages, backgrounds and abilities in shared learning experiences in nature.