Family Getaway @ Home Box 2: Exploring Perspectives

Family Getaway @ Home Box 2: Exploring Perspectives

Family Getaway @ Home Box 2: Exploring Perspectives

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Nov 01, 2021 12:00 PM to
Nov 12, 2021 12:00 PM
North Cascades Environmental Learning Center
Institute staff
Adult (Age 13-61)
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Box 2: Exploring Perspectives

Grizzly Bear AdventuresLearn about grizzly bears in an interactive storytelling adventure with your family! Guide Grizzly Bear Momma and her cubs through a series of decisions she must make after emerging from hibernation and see what the outcomes of your decisions are. 

Beginner Animal Tracking: Embark on a journey to discover what’s going on outside your back door when you aren’t around! Engage in track identification activities and discussion questions that will help your family put together the clues and reveal the whole story. 

Advanced Cloud Watching:  Do you ever look up at the clouds in the sky and wonder, what does it all mean? This lesson takes you beyond identifying cool shapes and figures in the sky—you will learn about different cloud types and engage in citizen science. You will also get a chance to decipher many common weather-related saying and try your hand at being a meteorologist. 


  • Lessons and activity instructions
  • 4 Nature Journals
  • 4 wood cookies
  • Tracking cards and field guide
  • A cloud chart
  • Weather sayings cards
  • 4 cloud-watching goggles (in case of rain)
  • Link to virtual 30-minute guided yoga classes, themed for nature lovers of any age!