Remote Medicine for Advanced Providers (RMAP)

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Feb 24, 2020 02:00 PM to
Feb 28, 2020 02:00 PM
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The Remote Medicine for the Advanced Provider™ (RMAP) course trains Advanced Life Support (ALS) providers such as nurses, paramedics, physicians, and physician assistants on sophisticated, life-saving techniques developed for use in challenging and remote environments.

The RMAP provides the highest level of education necessary for ALS providers to manage a patient for up to 72 hours. Meeting and exceeding the requirements set forth by NREMT for a Paramedic to recertify using the NCCP model of recertification required by all States starting in 2019, this course when approved by a students local agency meets the recertification requirements for the NREMT.

The RMAP includes the widest range of advanced medical skills available to our students. This course educates participants on immobilization and carrying techniques, litter packaging, cold and heat emergencies, joint reductions, fracture management, spinal injury assessment and management, eye injuries, dental emergencies, expedition health and hygiene, psychological emergencies, tropical medicine, altitude illness, envenomation, evacuations, rescue considerations, mass casualty incidents, triage situations, how to utilize medical kits and manage remote site clinics, and more.