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Children spend more than seven hours in front of screens every day. The increasing separation from the natural world is linked to childhood obesity, attention disorders, depression and lower academic achievement. Less time outside also leads to dwindling knowledge of biodiversity, conservationist values and participation in environmental stewardship as adults. Powerful experiential learning in the heart of one of the wildest National Parks in the nation is North Cascades Institute’s responds to an epidemic facing young Americans today: a growing disconnect from nature.

“I did not know I could have lots of fun outside. Everybody should try the outdoors rather than the indoors.”

North Cascades Institute is founded on the premise that people will protect what they love. When people learn more about the environment, they care more about it. Contributions from individuals like you expand minds, change lives and give youth the confidence they need to lead with their own voices.

“Have you ever felt empowered to change the world? I have…”

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Provide youth with the role models and resources they need to experience the pristine wilderness of the North Cascades. With your help, up to 80% of youth in need will receive a scholarship for Youth Leadership Adventures, and Mountain School tuition is reduced by up to 50% for low-income schools.

“The North Cascades Institute changed my life at age 17. Having the ability to see and be apart of citizen science in the backdrop of one the most beautiful locations in the world affected me as a young environmentalist and continues to be one of the reasons why I am currently studying environmental studies at the University of Colorado at Boulder. What I learned through NCI was that environment, while it can be seen very clearly and distinctly within the Skagit Valley, can be seen, discussed, and discovered in every environment.”


Youth Leadership Adventures is a program that opens up a whole new perspective on the way we view nature, a program that tests your limits while still creating a strong communityFlor-Hernandez for support and trust." Read Flor's complete letter

-- Flor Hernandez, 2014 Participant

Seattle Times Mountain School Article


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